Five-slot bifold wallet in black/natural Buttero

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A compact bi-fold card wallet handmade from Buttero leathers. This Italian leather from the Conceria Walpier tannery is used for premium small goods around the World. It is full grain, 100% vegetable tanned, has a smooth matt surface and a firm temper. The outer is black while the inside pockets are natural and undyed - with use these will patina to a warmer caramel colour that is unique to the user. It's all saddle-stitched together with tan Ritza Tiger thread, a slightly thicker thread that gives the wallet a more rugged look, with a double stitch over the seams.

The design gives you 4 slots on the inside for cards or notes - one of the rear slots has internal stitching (hidden by the pocket on the back of the wallet) so it's the correct depth to hold cards. The other (left) rear slot is the full width, so it is good for small banknotes, receipts etc. The slots are snug from new but will free up with use. Finally, there's a handy fast-access card pocket on the rear.

Overall this a unique colour combination and the design is compact yet really practical.

3/4oz veg-tan leather
Ritza Tiger thread
Burnished edges
Approx 85mm x 105mm
Perfect gift