Card/cash bifold, olive green Badalassi Wax.

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A bi-fold wallet made using Badalassi Carlo Wax veg-tan leather shoulder in olive green. This fantastic hide from the Italian tannery is a 'pull up' leather - this means it lightens in colour when stretched during wear to produce a unique distressed effect with time (around stitches and folds, for example). It's soft to touch and full of natural flaws and characteristics, giving it a rugged appearance that will patina beautifully. The wallet uses 2 weights of leather to reduce bulk, and it's all saddle-stitched by hand using olive green Vinymo thread from Japan.

This practical but compact design gives you 2 slots for cards on the inside and one large outer pocket - this is good for extra cards as shown or it will hold unfolded bank notes up to around 145mm wide (a UK £20 or €50, but US$ bills will need folding). The pockets are snug from new but will free up with use as much as you need them to.

Approx 75mm x 105mm
3/4oz veg-tan leather
Vinymo thread
Debossed logo
Burnished edges