Brogue leather card holder, black Nofin

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A stunning card holder/wallet handmade from Nero Nofin leather from the Badalassi Carlo tannery in Tuscany. It's a 100% veg-tan leather and is full grain so there are naturally occuring marks. Initially it has more of a matt, naked finish but it will develop more of a lustre.

This design gives you one pocket for credit cards or notes folded twice, around 4 or 5 cards feels right from new, it will give with use. The front flap tucks into a strap which has a traditional brogue design punched by hand. The wallet is saddle-stitched with green Vinymo thread from Japan.

3oz Nofin leather
Debossed logo
Brogue pattern
Burnished edges
Approx 65mm x 107mm