Cognac, chestnut & tan Buttero five-slot card holder.

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This compact and slim 5 slot card wallet is made using a mix of cognac, chestnut and light tan Buttero leathers. This 100% veg-tanned leather from Italy is a full grain shoulder with a very smooth, matt surface, and is used by quality manufacturers worldwide. It has a beautiful texture to handle. The wallet uses 2.5oz leather throughout to keep it as slim as possible. It's all saddle-stitched together with Colonial Tan Ritza Tigre thread from Denmark. Overall it feels good in your hand and has a totally distinctive look.

This design gives you 4 compartments for cards and a snug centre panel for notes or cards you don't use frequently. From new you're looking at 1 or 2 cards in each slot but it will free up with use. Notes up to around 70mm tall will fit in halved rather than folded twice, that's about a £10 note or a dollar bill.

2.5oz veg-tan leather
Ritza Tigre 25 thread
Embossed logo
Approx 80mm x 110mm
Perfect gift for him or her