Four slot card holder in antique red Pueblo

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A four slot card holder handmade using antique red Pueblo leather from the Badalasi Carlo tannery in Tuscany, Italy. This premium leather is has a unique, soft, almost suede-like texture and is a lovely dusty pink. It will get smooth and patina to a darker hue with use. The wallet is saddle-stitched with a light pink Xiange thread. Please note there is a very small grey mark in the leather on the outer spine - it's barely noticeable but thought I'd mention it :-)

The design consists of 2 front-facing card slots with a hidden pocket behind each one. Each will hold a couple of cards from new, while the back pockets will also hold smaller banknotes, receipts etc. I've used a lighter weight leather for the pockets to minimise bulk. Overall, it's compact and sleek but still really practical.

Veg-tan leather shoulder
Hand saddle-stitched with Vinymo thread
Embossed logo
Approx 80mm x 115mm
Ideal gift