Long Trucker wallet in Horween Dublin.

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A beautiful, premium wallet handmade from the world-renowned Horween Dublin leather in natural tan. This waxy leather from Chicago has a slight 'pull up' that gives the leather lighter tones around stressful areas. Overall it has a rugged, distressed feel full of natural flaws and characteristics, and will patina beautifully with age.

The design comprises of a fast access card slot on the rear, a zipped compartment on the front (with 13cm zip) and a full length pocket behind this for notes, cards, receipts, whatever you like. It's all saddle-stitched by hand using brown Ritza Tiger thread from Denmark, and the zip is a quality YKK in antique brass with vanilla cloth.

Overall this is a really lovely, unique piece for men or women and feels very premium, while being totally practical.

3&4oz Veg-tanned Horween Dublin leather

Hand-stitched with Ritza Tiger thread

Approx 85mm x 160mm

YKK donut pull zipper

Antique brass press snap

Embossed logo