Brown and ruggine Maremma card holder

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A compact and stylish card holder/wallet handmade from Maremma - a smooth pull-up leather with a soft touch and a bright finish. Coming from Conceria Puccini Attilio in Tuscany this hide is tanned in quebracho (a hardwood tree known as the 'axebreaker') and chestnut extracts giving the leather a firm consistency. This uses two colours, dark brown and ruggine.

This design gives you one main pocket for credit cards or notes folded twice, around 6 cards feels about right from new. It will give with use. The front flap tucks into a strap across the front to keep everything secure. The wallet is saddle-stitched with Vinymo thread from Japan.

3oz Maremma leather
Debossed logo
Burnished edges
Approx 65mm x 105mm