Oak-tanned five-slot bifold wallet, London Tan.

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A compact bi-fold card wallet using 'London Tan' oak-tanned bridle leather from the J&FJ Baker tannery in Devon. The last remaining oak tannery in the UK, the family have been producing premium leathers since 1862. The traditional, skilled process takes 14 months and makes unrivalled leathers that are hardwearing, strong and supple. The leather is soft, tactile and has a lovely fragrance. It is full grain so there are natural flaws and imperfections.

The design gives you 4 pockets on the inside for cards or notes and a fast-access slot on the rear. From new you're looking at 1 or 2 cards in each slot but it will free up with use. Notes up to around 70mm tall will comfortably slide in halved rather than folded twice, that's about a £10 note or a dollar bill. The wallet uses 2 weights of leather to reduce bulk, and it's all saddle-stitched together by hand using Colonial Tan Ritza thread.

3 & 4oz veg-tan leather
Ritza Tigre thread
Embossed logo
Approx 80mm x 105mm
Perfect gift for him or her