Short trucker in olive green Reverso

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A premium zipped wallet handmade from 3oz 'Reverso' horse leather from Tuscany. This veg-tanned leather is tannery-finished on both sides – the outer hair side is darker and slightly matt, the flesh side is smooth polished. This gives the wallet a unique feel inside and out. The leather is a fairly lightweight 1.2mm and very soft and supple so will mark and patina easily. This type of leather does have naturally-occurring flaws and characteristics.

The trucker-style design comprises of zipped pouch at the front for coins and cards, along with a spacious compartment behind this for notes and more cards (notes up to around 75mm tall will fit halved). There's also a rear pocket for your most used cards. The zip is a quality YKK in antique brass with vanilla cloth, press snaps are a polished gunmetal finish and there's a matching D-ring which allows the wallet to be fixed to a leash. It's all saddle-stitched by hand (it takes a lot of stitches!) using olive Vinymo thread from Japan.

Overall, a unique piece for men or women that feels very premium, while being totally practical.

3&4oz Veg-tanned horse leather
Hand-stitched with Vinymo thread
Approx 85mm x 125mm external
YKK donut pull zipper
Debossed logo