Slim, compact three-slot card holder in Gaucho Oil

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This compact and slim 3 slot card wallet is made using Gaucho Oil leather from Conceria la Bretagna in Italy. It is a glazed leather so has a rich, polished finish and a little pull-up on creased areas. It's tricky to photograph as the glossy finish makes it change so much in the light! The wallet uses 2.5oz leather throughout to keep it as slim as possible. It's all saddle-stitched together with Colonial Tan Ritza Tigre thread from Denmark.

This design gives you a card slot on either side and another centre pocket for cards you don't use so frequently. From new you're looking at 1 or 2 credit cards in each slot but it will free up with use. The minimalist layout feels great in the hand and will fit discreetly in a shirt pocket.

2.5oz veg-tan leather

Ritza Tigre 25 thread

Embossed logo

Approx 70mm x 105mm

Perfect gift for him or her