Yellow Buttero five-slot card holder.

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This compact and slim 5 slot card wallet is made using yellow Buttero leather. This 100% veg-tanned leather from Italy is a full grain shoulder with a very smooth, matt surface, and is the choice of quality manufacturers worldwide. It has a beautiful texture to handle.

This design gives you 4 side pockets for cards and a snug centre panel for notes or cards you don't use frequently. From new you're looking at 1 or 2 cards in each slot but it will free up with use. Notes up to around 65mm tall will fit in halved rather than folded twice. I've used 3oz leather throughout to reduce bulk, and it's saddle-stitched by hand with yellow Xiange thread.

3oz veg-tan leather
Xiange thread
Embossed logo
Approx 75mm x 110mm
Perfect gift for him or her