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Black carabiner with engraved Buck&Hide ring

Black carabiner with engraved Buck&Hide ring

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This is a premium version of the caribiner fobs I usually sell. It uses the same metal spring clip in black, but the split ring is grey and laser-engraved with Buck and Hide branding, giving it a more premium feel. I'm currently only making these in 4oz matt black Pueblo leather which has a matt, marled finish and complements the ring nicely. The leather is slimmed at the bottom to give the split ring more useable space. It's all held together by a strong, peened solid copper rivet.

These are super-useful for keeping keys safe, hanging from belt loops etc. and they make a great little gift. Total length including the ring will vary between approx 90-100mm. Width at the widest point of the clip is 30mm, leather is approx 22mm wide.

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