Do you ship overseas?

Yes, all over the world.  I only use Tracked shipping methods, sorry it costs a little more but it's worth the peace of mind.
The cost will be calculated on checkout.

How long will it take?

Most larger items are made and ready to ship. Smaller pieces like fobs and clips are made to order, which will take me a few days.

Can I personalise my leather item?

Not at the moment, sorry. However, no two items are the same so you'll never confuse your wallet with someone else's.

How about a custom order, Mr Leathermaker?

Possibly. I don't like to copy another maker's design but if there's something here you like but you'd rather have a different leather, or different colour thread, then I'll try to help.

How do you look so young for your age?

Why, thank you. Vegtan leather has magical properties. Breathe some in daily. You'll soon realise you're not getting older, you're getting a patina.