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Saddle tan Etrusco leather belt

Saddle tan Etrusco leather belt

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This quality belt is made from Walpier Etrusco leather in saddle tan. This is a smooth, premium leather from the same Tuscany tannery that produces Buttero. It has a smooth feel with minor natural flaws and a finished flesh side.

The strap is 38mm wide (1.5") and 3.6mm thick (9oz) with lightly burnished and waxed edges. The buckle and keeper are heavy duty polished nickel, and I've left a good amount of room to slide the keeper left or right so it doesn't get in the way of the trouser belt loop. I've used nickel chicago screws to hold it together so you have the option to change the buckle at any time. There's a dab of loctite on these to stop them loosening.

Before sending your order I'll need to fit the belt to your waist so will ask you to measure one you use currently. This strap is over 50" long so it should work for most people. I generally make 5 holes and give the tip a 'church end' as seen in the photos.

This is a great quality masculine belt. I've always bought what I thought were good belts from big brands but the difference is huge. You'll never go back to mass produced ones!

3.6mm veg-tan leather
38mm wide
Debossed Buck&Hide stamps
Nickel hardware
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